In 2017, ALFA was awarded a competitive grant by USDA’s Farmers Market and Local Food Promotion program. The program works to increase domestic consumption and access to locally and regionally produced foods. It also aims to develop new market opportunities for food production operations serving local markets.

With the fresh vs. frozen study results in hand and support from USDA, ALFA has created this toolkit to help seafood producers, processors, and sellers share information on the advantages of flash frozen seafood, helping to establish or diversify their businesses.


Why Frozen?

Why Frozen Toolkit

CQR How-To

CQR How-To ToolKit

Frozen vs. Fresh

Frozen vs. Fresh Toolkit

ALFA also provides training to producers and fishermen on using the Certified Quality Reader (CQR) tool to develop quality assurance programs. CQR trainings are held at local businesses and gatherings such as fishermen's EXPOs. ALFA staff are available to provide private CQR training for any businesses, direct marketers, or interested individuals.

Please contact 907-747-3400 for more information.