ALFA 2022 Spring Fishermen’s EXPO

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

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ALFA has a long history of providing educational opportunities to fishermen, both new and experienced. Whether by helping fishermen to choose equipment that is more fuel efficient, teaching them about the political process, or teaching them about new tools and software like bathymetric mapping, ALFA works hard to keep fishermen in the know about the policies that affect them and innovations that can help them to use best practices and fish more effectively. 

ALFA and the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust banded together to host the first ever Fishermen's Expos in 2016, which offered workshops on topics such as fuel efficiency, fishing for sablefish using pot gear, and reducing sperm whale depredation on longline gear. Since then, the expo has evolved to focus especially on young people and those who are new to the industry by offering workshops focusing on business skills, beginner's courses in seafloor mapping, and safety courses. 

We had a successful virtual Fishermen’s Expo in the Fall of 2020. To access the presentations and resources from this event, click here.

Click here to view a document with links to all the presentations from the Fall Fishermen’s Expo 2021.