Representing Alaska’s Longline Fishermen Since 1978

The Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association is an alliance of small boat commercial fishermen committed to sustainable fisheries and thriving coastal communities.


Founded in 1978, the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association (ALFA) has successfully represented longline fishermen in securing sustainable access to healthy halibut, sablefish and rockfish stocks. Our members support science-based fisheries management through collaborative research, advocacy, and innovation. We work to safeguard ocean health and improve the economic viability of small boat fishing. For our members, commercial fishing is more than a livelihood, it is a way of life.

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Fishery Conservation Network

ALFA’s Fishery Conservation Network (FCN) facilitates cooperative research between local Alaska fishermen and scientists to address research challenges and issues of common concern.

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Climate Action

Fishermen know climate change first-hand. Our lives and livelihoods are at the mercy of weather, tide, temperature, and the stability of a wild ecosystem. When we see big changes in our home waters, we pay attention.

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Young Fishermen’s Initiative

ALFA is committed to helping the next generation of fishermen and ensuring residents of Alaska’s coastal communities have access to our fisheries.

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ALFA’s Linda Behnken Wins Prestigious Heinz Award for Environment

By leading collaboration between scientists and fishermen, Behnken is changing policy and protecting the fragile ecosystems of Alaska’s coastal waters

We are so excited to announce that our director, Linda Behnken, received the 25th Heinz Award for the Environment due to her advocacy work to promote sustainable fishing practices while supporting the rural fishing communities of Alaska that rely on the ocean for their livelihood and way of life.

Linda has been fishing Alaska’s coastal waters since 1982 and now serves as the Executive Director of the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association. Through her work, she has led collaborations between scientists and fishermen in order to drive conservation policy and protect the fragile ecosystem of Alaska’s coastal waters.

Some of her most notable achievements include the establishment of the Fishery Conservation Network, which engages fishermen in collaborative research with scientists to address conservation challenges and improve the viability of small boat fishing. She also created the Young Fisherman’s Initiative to train the next generation of fishermen, and the Alaska Sustainable Fisheries Trust, which helps young fishermen overcome financial barriers to entry into the profession.

We are so proud of Linda's work and continued commitment to the fisheries, communities and culture of Southeast Alaska. Thank you Linda! Read the full article here.


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Our members are commercial fishermen, seafood processors, businesses members, and the folks from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest who contribute because they care about sustainable fisheries, strong coastal communities and healthy marine ecosystems.  


Alaskans Own Web Series

In our web series, Alaskans Own (a Community Supported Fishery program run by ALFA) is introducing you to the people who catch, process, cook, and connect you to delicious, wild-caught fish.





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ALFA is a proud member of the Marine Fish Conservation Network, and the Fishing Communities Coalition.